Globalization and technological developments toward the end of the 20th century have deeply affected human life in every field. The field of education was faced with adapting to these changes and innovations. The societies that could not show this adaptation have lagged behind others. It also became clear that education is the main force that ensures the scientific and cultural developments in societies. It was also clear that educators being aware of and informed about the new developments and changes in the field education play a key role in the future of new generations and inevitably, in the future of countries. While it is fast and easy to access information in the digital age we live in, reaching academic information cultivated by experts in the field of education and training is a process that requires effort and time. As a result, the necessity of a platform where all researchers, academicians, experts, and students share their knowledge in the field of educational sciences cannot be disregarded. EJERCongress (International Eurasian Educational Research Congress), one of the most prestigious congresses in Eurasia and the world, was initiated to meet this need.

EJERCongress was established in 2013 under the umbrella of Anı Publishing to contribute to the advancement of science and education in Eurasia and beyond. We held our first congress in Istanbul University with the theme of “Rethinking Education: Problems and Solutions in 2014”. Thus far, we have held ten successful annual congresses, each time co-sponsored and hosted by a different university.

Below is a list of the previous EJER congresses and their themes:

    • 2024 Kocaeli University. “Designing the Future: “Changing Paradigms and Transhumanism with Artificial Intelligence in Education”
    • 2023 TED University. “Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education”
    • 2022 Ege University. “Migrations Caused by Regional Problems and the Education of Refugees and Disadvantaged Groups”
    • 2021 Aksaray University. “Education in the Digital Age; Learning, Teaching and Research”
    • 2020 Eskisehir Anadolu University. “Future of Education and Transversal Skills”
    • 2019 Ankara University. “Empowering Education; Research, Theory, and Practice”
    • 2018 Akdeniz University. “Changing Educational Paradigms; New Methods, Trends and Policies”
    • 2017 Pamukkale University. “Changing Times, Changing Needs; e-Education, Equality, Migration and Differences”
    • 2016 Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University. “Facing the Future; Roles and Responsibilities in Education”
    • 2015 Hacettepe University. “Innovation and Professionalization in Education”
    • 2014 Istanbul University. “Rethinking Education; Problems and Solutions”

Some of the valuable academicians and scientists who participated in our congress are:

Prof. Michael P. DOMJAN
Prof. M. Alper ŞAHİNER
Prof. Jane M. WILBURNE
Prof. Ahmet ARSLAN
Prof. Gary KING
Prof. Philip G. ZIMBARDO
Prof. Irvin David YALOM
Prof. Albert BANDURA
Prof. James BANKS
Prof. Burke JOHNSON
Prof. Rowena MURRAY
Prof. David HAURY
Prof. Antonio De PUENTE
Prof. Michael BORENSTEİN
Prof. Corrine GLESNE
Prof. Gerald NOSICH
Prof. Joe O’HARA
Prof. Elliot TURIEL
Prof. Prof. Christoph WULF
Prof. Vivienne Baumfield
Prof. Fernando M. Reimers
Prof. Ronghuai HUANG
Prof. Donna MERTENS
Prof. Andrew P. JOHNSON
Prof. Antony BRYANT
Assoc. Prof. A. Patricia AGUİLERA-HERMIDA

In our congress, including almost every subject in the field of educational sciences, all the presented studies are examined by our highly qualified committee of reviewers, and the proposals that pass the review process are included in the congress. Every person who presents a paper or participates as an audience member is given a certificate of participation. In addition, the presented papers are published in e-book format as Abstract Bulletin and Full Text Bulletin at www.ejercongress.org shortly after the congress concludes.


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