IXth International Eurasian Educational Research Congressng & Consulting


Prof. Khalid Arar

Khalid Arar, Ph.D., is a Full Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy, Education and Community Leadership, School Improvement Doctoral Program, College of Education, Texas State University.   

For the past two decades, he conducted studies in the Middle East, Europe, and North America on issues of equity, diversity, and social justice in the complex realities of K-12 and higher education. His research agenda has both a domestic, urban, sub-urban, and comparative international orientation. His commitment to challenging global injustices led him in recent years to research education for refugees, displaced people, and immigrants through a social justice lens. Arar presented his research widely at different international conferences of WERA, AERA, ECER, CIES, BERA, UCEA, BELMAS, CCEAM, ICPEL, and TCEA. He has many studies published in numerous leading educational journals such as Journal of Education Policy, Higher Education PolicyJournal of School LeadershipJournal of Educational AdministrationEducational Management, Administration and Leadership, Compare, Journal of Comparative EducationGender and Education, Journal of Educational ChangeInternational Journal of Leadership in EducationCambridge Journal of Education and Review of Education. Recently, he has guest-edited special issues in the Journal of Education Administration and History, titled: The imposition of government education policy initiatives and school enactment: uncovering the responses of school principals (with Yasar Kondakci & Alison Taysum, 2019); Journal of Professional Capital and Community, titled:  Emotion in educational leadership (with Izhar Oplatka, 2018); International Journal of Leadership in Education, titled: Understanding leadership for refugee education (with Deniz Ӧrücü & Duncan Waite, 2020); Journal of Higher Education Policy, titled: Higher Education for “Atypical” International Students: Displaced and Refugee Students (with Yasar Kondakci& Bernhard Streitwieser, 2020).   

He gave keynotes and lectures in different international venues such as  Leadership Without Borders and International Council of Professors of Educational Leadership (ICPEL) Annual conference, 2019 (Soka University California); International School Principals Conference (ISPC, 2019) Leading Principals Society (Istanbul); Immigration and Higher Education Conference (2019), V.W. Hannover (Germany);  Canadian Principal Learning Network (CPLN) & the Faculty of Education, Ottawa University; Turkish Education Administration Congress, Sivas, Turkey (2018); and have been a visiting scholar in different universities around the globe.   

His recent books include Migrants, Refugees and Global Challenges in Higher Education (Peter Lang Publishing, with Kussai Haj-Yehia, David Ross, & Yasar Kondakci); Education, Immigration and Migration: Policy, Leadership, and Praxis for a Changing World (Emerald Publishing, with Jeffrey Brooks & Ira Bogotch); Turbulence, Empowerment, and Marginalization in International Education Governance Systems (Emerald Publishing, with Alison Taysum), Emotion Management and Regulation in Teaching and Educational Leadership: Research and Practice in Transitional and Developing Societies (Emerald Publishing with Izhar Oplatka);  School Leadership for Refugees’ Education (Routledge) and Neoliberalism and Education Systems in Conflict: Exploring Challenges Across the Globe (Routledge with Deniz Örücü and Jane Wilkinson).