IXth International Eurasian Educational Research Congressng & Consulting


Prof. Binnur Yeşilyaprak

Yeşilyaprak, who started her career as a “Classroom Teacher”, completed her undergraduate education at Gazi University. She received her master’s degree in Psychological Counseling and Guidance in Hacettepe University in 1983 and her doctorate in 1988. She continued her “post-doctoral” studies at Purdue University in the USA in the 1991-92 academic year and became an Associate Professor in 1995. She left the Faculty of Educational Sciences at Ankara University as ‘Professor’. She continued her duty in the Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling until her (early) retirement in September 2017.

Yeşilyaprak worked as a ‘guest lecturer’ for 12 months in the 2010-11 academic year in the USA with the invitation of Penn State University. She has 17 books written in her field of specialization, with single or co-authors, and more than 100 articles published in various scientific journals. Yeşilyaprak has presented papers in more than 150 congresses, 39 of which are international, and has taken place as an “invited speaker” in some of them. Her areas of interest include youth issues, developmental guidance, career development and vocational guidance, professional ethics, family guidance/parent training, dance and movement therapy, self-therapy. Yeşilyaprak served as a chairman in the Turkish PDR-DER (Association of Psychological Counseling and Guidance) between 2002-2008.