Papers give participants an opportunity to share orally results of empirical and practical studies on ordered themes of congress.

The papers are classified according to theme of the congress. A moderator is appointed to each session. Moderators are responsible for apportioning the time and making discussion easy.

One of authors is designated as corresponding author for joint papers, this author is responsible for submitting the abstract, informing other authors about acceptance process and early registration after acceptance. The corresponding author’s name is written on the name plate.

The sessions including translation service are limited, so it is recommended that authors present their papers in TURKISH

Only completed works is accepted. Instruction of Submitting abstract;

1-) Paper information

  • Type of paper: Please select the type of paper. Please remember that your paper will be viewed by referees according to the type of paper
  • Keywords: Put commas between words
  • Field: Please select the field of your study
  • Language of presentation: Please select the language
  • Problem statement : (between 50-600 words)
  • Research method: ( between 50 and 400 words)
  • Expected results: (between 100 and 200 words)
  • References: (between 100 and 500 words)

2-) Author information

Email: You should access the system if you are the corresponding author. Information email may go to spam box. Please check and confirm. If the author have already signed in the system, please enter the registered email so that the system identify the author.

Mobile phone: Please remember that important information will be sent to your mobile phone, therefore do not enter land phone number or invalid phone number .

Note: You may add author’s name by clicking on “add author” button. Your study should have 6 authors at most.